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Reverse Canvas

I have been getting more and more involed with hand emboridery. I love doing these at night after dinner when its winding down time before bed. This is usually the only time during the day I get to just sit. I always have to have something in my hands doing some thing. Weather that's my phone or a craft.

So I found this awesome stand on amazon that holds your project for you and you put the base under your leg. It is a game changer!!

I want to show you my process of making these. First I get a design and put it on the fabric. There are may ways of doing this but what I have found is I enjoy the iron on ones. I found these cute sets on amazon. I also found a few really cute ones at walmart. For the most part these are multi use iron ons and you can even put them on wood! That is next.

Once I have a design done, it usually takes 2 days for each one, I can remove it from the hoop. Now I don't much care for keeping my designs in the hoops and just putting them on the wall. It is my personal taste. So I wanted to come up with something cuter. So this is where the reverse canvas comes in to play. You start with your canvas.

Turn it over and using scissors or a knife score a line in front of each staple. Then you carefully pull off the rest of the canvas I say be careful because you will be using the canvas part later. So once you took the canvas off the fun begins. Take out all staples. This takes a bit of time and you want to try to be as nice to the wood as possible.

Now that I have my lot naked from the canvas I sand them down a bit and stain them. I decide what side of the canvas I want on the back of the frame and use the other side to place the stained frame on. Who knew it was such a pretty frame under there!

Now you take your finished piece and stretch it over the frame and staple it in place. Once that is on I trim up the fabric edge and cut out a backing piece from the original canvas. I then only put four staples in this one in each corner to make it look nice. Just like that you now have a wonder hand made piece in your home or makes a great gift for someone.

These are all now listed in my ETSY store.

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