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Stairs upgrade

I wanted to start on a new project for the house.I finished the living room. It is completely done and I love it. It turned out exactly as I had in my head.

I have all my New Zealand Lord of the Rings adventure on the back wall. The couch chaise can be changed to either side of the couch. My fireplace makes me happy every time I see it.

So I chose to do something with my stairs. I've seen some really cute ideas on Pinterest. I decided to yoga a peal and stick wall paper like I used for my daughters room. This pattern was a bit easier to match up. I found this roll on Amazon for like $10!

So here is my stair case going from the living room to the 3 story to the 3 bedrooms. We have original hard wood floors (25 years old). Im not sold on a color to paint this space so I decide to put the peal and stick on the fronts of the stairs.

Well once again I didn't order enough rolls. One roll left me with 4 stairs left. So while I wait for the next roll to come in I'll show you what it looks like!

I love this! For $20 I completely changed the look of them! This pattern matches my throw pillows on the couch.

There are so many options you can do with this and anyone can do it. Is this something you would do? I want to see.

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