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Christmas is coming...(part 1)

The last few years we have tried to do thremed christmas trees. Once year we did a Dr. Who Christmas tree it was awesome! So this year we have decided to do Harry Potter! I have been collecting items to use for the tree since last year. Im also going to be making a bunch. So here is my first batch of me making a few.

First up: House ornaments

I got these letters at walmart in the craft section. They have them year round.

I gave them each a few coats of paint of the corresponding house colors.

I used my cricut to find Harry Potter font and cut out house names. It was a bit tricky at this point because my transfer tape was taking of the paint! I did a lot of touch up painting after i put these on.

Once the house names were on I painted the other house color on the letter with stripes. I felt like something was missing but because these letters are a bit small I didn't have a lot of options. So I found the animals associated with each house. Those cute stickers are less than one inch tall. They really made them look so much better. I glazed these and all we have to do is put a hook on them and they are ready to go!

How do you decorate your Christmas trees?

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