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Its a jungle in there!

We bought our first house! How exciting is that?! Me and my husband have been married for 15 years. Only after 5 years of marriage he joined the military, the U.S. Navy. We decided that it would be best to wait until he got out to buy a house. We moved around every three years. We were thinking this would be a great way to figure out where we wanted to end up.

So after 10 long years we decided this was his time to get out and find the job of his dreams. We couldn't be where we are today with out the experiences the military has given him and he/we have a lot!

So we ended up in beautiful Maryland! We bought a house and we are slowly settling in. The best part.....I have a whole room to use for my craft room! So lets get crafty.

Now that we aren't living in military housing we can do whatever we want to the walls, the floors, and the kitchen. So I started with my 8 year old daughters room. Since she was the only one who knew exactly what she wanted.

This is the inspiration picture we found on Pinterest. She knew that she wanted one wall with wall paper that had leafs on it and the other three walls to be green. Thats where I came in and showed her what all her room could be.

I found the perfect wall paper. It was the peel and stick kind. Its pretty cool but kinda hard to work with. When I was a kid I got to help put up real wall paper and I remember once it was totally wet it you moved around on the wall to get in the right place. The stuff I used once it was on the wall it was on. You don't want to peel it off to many times to adjust it as it gets stretched out on the edges. I found this wallpaper on amazon and it was perfect.

So here is the before pictures of her room. It's just an average square room with two windows and a two door closet. Since we had just moved in I had not put anything together yet. All I see when I look in her room is a canvas ready for a masterpiece.

So first thing I did was tape the room so I didn't get green on the base boards. Once the walls were cleaned and ready to go I painted by hand the edges and the corners. You do this for two layers. Once the edges were done I was ready to roller the walls. The first round of paint your just wanting to cover the walls. Once it drys and your ready for round two your really wanting to watch your paint strokes. The sun was shining so bright I was getting worried the color was too light I always second guess my choices but this time the color was perfect!

(first layer of paint in picture)

So after buying two rolls of the wall paper from amazon it was time to roll it on the floor and measure the lengths that we needed. I added two inches extra at the bottom. You need to roll them out on the floor to match up the design. This is where I messed up. I should have bought more rolls than I thought I needed. By matching up the pattern I had to cut a bunch off either at the top or bottom. So in the end I needed one more roll. So here you can see I have two full rows and working on the 3rd. I love how it looks as one giant print.

Once I got all my rows lined I numbered them. I took one row up to her room at a time. I started in one corner of her room. We were only doing one wall in her room and thank goodness cause it was already more than I wanted to spend on one wall, but for such a pretty print it was totally worth it. With the peel and stick style of this paper you peel back the sticker paper on the back a few inches. You can use a credit card, squeegee, I used my Cricut scraper to get all the air bubbles out. I started in the center and worked my way to each edge making sure to get all the bubbles out. You just repeat the process of pulling that backing down a few inches and using your scraper all the way down. Once you get to the base board I used an x-acto knife to cut off the extra.

Here the walls are painted and dried with the first two rows of wall paper on the wall. At this point I was getting so excited like seeing my vision come together. So far the girl is loving her room.

And then this happened!!!!!! I wanted to cry I was soo sure that the last roll (roll #3) would cover what I had left to do and IT DIDN'T! I was short by like two inches so at this point I used the scraps I had left and matched up what I could. Once I matched up everything that I could I just started to fill in the rest. My thought process was I knew I would be hanging a two plant macrame hanger here so maybe that would cover it up some and you would never notice it.

So here it is the finial product of my hard work that took me a week and some to do. Walls are done and decor hung up. I hope you enjoyed the process of giving my girl the room of her dreams. Come back and find out how we made or where we found her cute decor items cause it's all in the details.

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It’s awesome how you persevered through the obstacles you came up against! The finished product is gorgeous!

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