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Well, where do you put your wand?

I love Harry Potter. I love everything to do with it. I was lucky enough to go to the 7th book midnight party at books-a-million back in 2007. We had a great time with a magician, cosplayers, foods, book readings, crafts and so much. Lets just say my husband read me the whole book in one weekend.

So of corse I'm going to love to make Harry Potter crafts. I collect a lot of toys, collectibles, replicas, well just things I guess. So I found my self needing a place to store my wand collection, it was getting out of hand. The solution was this bad boy!

This 4ft board hangs on my wall and holds 14 wands. This is an older photo but it is full now, its just got to find its new home on the wall of our new house. I love this project so much it was pretty easy to make just took a while because it was so large.

One of my husband's friends is have a Harry Potter party and needed a prize to give away. So she asked if I could whip something up. I knew this was going to be what I wanted to make for her. So let me show you how I did it step by step.

Since we moved I had to take down all the tables and shelfs that I had made in the last house. So I already had some wood I was going to cut up for crafts.

I grabbed the wood and needed to sand it down to get a fresh start. I can not stress enough that if you have a good base your project will come out so much nicer. Sand it sand it good. Use multiple strengths or sand paper. I didn't want to make a huge holder as not many people would want to commit to something so large. I decided to do 4 wands with the thought process of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and one extra. The decal I made with my cricut machine. I placed everything on the board to see where I needed to make the next cut.

I made the next cut which gave me the size board I was now going to be working with. I used a 60 grit sand paper on my sander to take away the top layer. I then used 220 to make it nice and smooth. I also sanded all the edges and rounded the corners. When using a vinyl decal you always want to turn it over and scrap it from the back on the the transfer tape to help get it to come off nicely. I centered it and put it up top.

These are the supplies I used. I didn't like the darker color stain I used on mine and wanted something lighter this time. So I got walnut stain. I applied this to the wood with a rag and I loved this technique it went on so good. I got the card catalog plates at hobby lobby its the only in person craft store who has them. Now it's silly but, you need to look on the wood burning isle first. My store did not have them so I went to the scrapbooking isle. They are the same and same price. The only difference is these one I got have brads not screws......I didn't notice until I was ready to put them on. So I had to go find small screws in a brass color. Well, I couldn't find those either so got the smallest sliver ones I could find and then mixed some paint at home to get the color I needed and painted them once they were in. The brass hooks I found at walmart. I got a 6 pack and a double pack so I had enough for 4 wands.

I lined up all the hardware and screwed it in. Bam and done!

I just loved how it turned out! Its the perfect size 12x13in. Once it goes to its new home they can put in the papers with the names on them. Once everything was dried and good to go I wanted to do something fun and package it up. Since I'm still unpacking my craft room and organizing I found my wax seal I have yet to use. Seems like the perfect time!

Don't you just love this! I like to watch tic tock's and if I have learned anything from the small business side of it is packaging is the most important. You want your customer to have an unboxing experience. So I hope I delivered on that here. Lets take a closer look at that seal.

I love this seal. It is the seal on the door of the Chamber of secrets. I had gotten this stamp in a loot crate I use to get. First time using it and the wax. Lets just say this has sparked a new idea for something else I'm doing later in the month!

So that is how I created this Harry Potter inspired wand holder for the nerd in me. I hope this was helpful so you can get out there and make one for your self. If you do make one I would love to see how it turned out!

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