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Take me out to the ball game....

When my husband was growing up he played a lot of base ball. Him and his two brothers did. They even had a baseball diamond on their property and all the equipment. His dad was a coach and coached all three of them for years. My husband talks about playing for his school and being on traveling teams and funny stories along the way. One very cool thing he told me/showed me was the base ball diamond at his old high school. He said he dad built it and help take care of it. It's still there today and I think about that every time we drive past it when we visit. (my husband when he was little, wasn't he cute!)

While unpacking our stuff I found a baggie of pins. I asked him about them and expressed he'd love a way to display them instead of packing them up and storing them in the attic.

These are the pins that I found. So now to figure out a nice way to display these.

I found this at the dollar store. At the time I only got two because I didn't have a use for them. I was so wrong I should have picked up more! I mean $1.......So many uses. This sheet is also adhesive.

I had a 4x6 frame on hand. I took out the glass and set aside for another day. I cut out a 4x6 piece out of the cork to put into the frame. I didn't need to glue it because I put the backing back on it so it can stand.

There we have it. Framed cork where he can display his pins that he earned from all those years playing in his youth. Now that he has a home office this will look great on the shelf.

Do you have a collection that you display? I would love to see what you have done!

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