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Its time to grow up

When we moved in to our new house we talked with our two kids about their new rooms. It's always exciting for the kids to pick out what room they want and how they would like to decorate it. It's their space and I want them to love their room, if they love it they will take care of it. During our talk we asked the kids what they were thinking about as far of what colors what theme they wanted to go with. If you scroll down to the previous post you can see what my 8 year old daughter and I came up with. Very grown up for such a little girl. Now for my 12 year old son the first thing out of his mouth was mine craft. As much as I love that idea and there is so many awesome things we could do we told him he's needs a teen room.

So the son and I hit Pinterest for ideas. We found so many cool teen boy cool room ideas but these pictures are the ones we found that he loved.

He really like the shape and that he could choose a bunch of colors. He said it reminded him of science and he really enjoys that subject. So off to the hard ware store to pick out colors. When we moved in you can tell they had the whole house painted. It's an off white color. I really liked the last picture where they have white hexagons in-between all the colored ones. The pop of white line work is very clean and crisp. So we decided that the room needed to be white. Here are the before pictures of his room. It is the same size as his sisters room, he just has one door for a closet instead.

So I got to painting the wall white. I didn't tape the walls this time as I was just painting the walls white so that saved me some time. Once again I painted the edges and corners by hand with a brush. I will say that investing in good brushes makes a difference. The softer the brush the nicer it looks. The current color was not very dark at all a very very light tan color just enough to not be white. I feel like the finish is matte. It gets dirty so fast and is hard to clean. The white paint we bought was a primer and paint. I don't know why but man this was not easy to work with once I got a second coat of white on the wall it still looked like crap!

I mean look at that wall. You are looking at two coats of white plus primer. You can see every stroke the roller took. So the next day I did another layer. At this point I'm running out of paint! I've used almost the whole gallon. It was the same brand as the green I used for my daughters room. In her room I only had to do two layers and it looked great. Back to my son's room, I should have really done 4 layers total but I have 4 other colors to put on the wall so I figured it would look ok.

I found this at target for a few dollars. It's a pack of 3 cork boards. These were perfect sized. Now came to the fun part of taping all these shapes. I used 1inch painters tape and just taped around these boards all over the room. I used one of our inspirational Pinterest photos to take off the main wall where his bed will go.

Here you can see I put tape on the backs of the cork boards and put them on the wall to see what they would look like while I taped around them. I used an entire roll of tape just taping off these shapes. Here are the three walls we put hexagons on.

(main wall where bed will go)

(wall across room where the dresser will go)

(side wall pay attention to the pattern)

Now that we have everything taped off we have to prep each one. Prep work is really important so far everything I've done up to this point is prep work. Making sure every step is prep right makes everything better I promise if you take the extra step you will be so much happier with the out come and you won't catch your self saying, "oh I'll fix that later". The prep work that we are going to do now is to paint around the tape on the inside of all the hexagons. By painting these lines you will not get the little bit of bleeding under the tape but instead you get a very nice crisp line.

You can do this with painting on canvas or the walls really anywhere and your lines come out so much better. Now was time to figure out what colors went where as we didn't want the same color to be next each other. We were working with black, grey, white, blue, and purple. My son picked all the colors out at the hardware store.

These were the 4 colors that he chose. The best part was we were able to get them in sample sizes. I really didn't need huge contains of these colors so it worked out perfect. In the end I used almost all of each sample.

Here we have done the blue and black on the one wall. When all was said and done it took 4 coats for each color to be nice and solid. I continued with the other two colors until it was finished. The best part that everyone loves is the peeling of the tape.

I mean just look at those lines!!!! Everything about this room makes me happy.

The colors were a bit dark and I couldn't get a good picture of the colors so here they are with a filter so you see it better. I really liked having a white hex in the middle so you will see that I had to change the side wall design a bit. The grey came out a bit darker than I would have liked it just took so many coats to cover well.

I love how everything turned out! I had to wait for his new furniture to come in before completing his room. His new bed came from Rooms to go (we waited 3 months for it!) the dressers came from and was perfect hight for his TV set up. His sister found the hexagon shelf at hobby lobby half off. I sanded it and painted it grey for his venom pop figure collection. I know some of the pictures are a bit dark but I love the color combo he picked. Very grown up.

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