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Its all in the details

So if you saw my last post you learned that our family finally bought a house! The first room I decided to do up was my 8 year old daughters room. She told me what she wanted and I came up with the rest. This photo was our inspiration photo we found on Pinterest.

So from this photo we really got a feel for the things we wanted to create for her room. We started off with the beautiful natural bead chandelier. You can see just the bottom of it in the above photo. So I searched for more images on Pinterest for this item.

This was a picture we found of the chandelier we wanted to make so I ordered all the supplies I needed. While waiting for everything to get to the house I started to make a chart for how many beads I would need of each size for each row.

I found this bag of 630 natural wood beads in 6 sizes on amazon. I very quickly found out that was not enough and that maybe my large 12 in hoop was too big. So I only used my 10 in hoop not making the inside hoop. This is a beautiful piece I just underestimated how much work was going to have to go in to it.

I stung the beads on to invisible sting just as I had made on the bead chart. Once I made all 5 of my hanging groups I started to assemble them by tying them on to the hoop and then hot gluing them in place. I had to adjust the bead count on some of the rows only cause they weren't hanging as long as I needed them to. This project took me like three days to complete. I had to order two bags in total of beads. To hang this I simply went to the dollar store and found a plant hanger for out side and use the chain from that. I spray painted it white and it looks great!

When it was finished I looked at it and was like something isn't right, it looks great but is not what I saw in my head. If you look closely I do not have my groups layered in the same way as the inspiration photo. At this point I WAS NOT taking this apart. I am very happy with this piece it was a labor of love and maybe one day I will go back and redo this with a bigger hoop.

Next we have the plant hanger. This item was made for my daughter by a close family friend. We then decided that we would do fake plants so that either one of us had to water them. I knew I wanted one that was hanging and I wanted them to look real. So I found these plants at Michaels craft store.

I found two tin pots at the AT HOME store, I don't know why but it was so hard for me to just find a plain looking pot! You will also need craft foam. These two were purchased at the dollar store.

You will have to cut the foam to the size of the pot. This step was so messy!! I then cut the stems off each plant so I could place them in the foam where I needed them. I didn't put them to close together as I wanted to make the pots feel full. I found out that I did not have enough of the hanging plant so I had to go back and get two more for a total of 4 bundles. It's always so nice to go shopping at the craft stores with coupons!

Here is the finished product. I love it and if you read the last post with the big room reveal you will know that the corner is where I ran out of wall paper. So this piece hides that bit very well! Best part is we don't have to water them and they still look real.

The next item I wanted to make a large macrame wall hanging. This is something that is new to me and I've been wanting to learn to do. This is the pattern I wanted to try. So I found this youtube video. Honestly it took me two days and many hours. That was only because I was learning how to tie the knots and sometimes I had to untie and undo sections.

Once I got this on the wall in her room I just fell in love with it. The video was really easy to follow along with I can't wait to make something a bit larger or use larger string. This piece just fits so well in the room.

The pink blanket we got off of amazon. The gold frames we got from hobby lobby as well as the painting and the matching pillow. We got her dresser, book shelf, rug and bed frame from

She maybe 8 years old but it is a very grown up room and she loves it!

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